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08.30.2011 Marriott in Provo, Utah Picks Clear Sky Software

The Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, a Marriott International hotel, has selected Clear Sky Software’s beverage inventory system. Called Clear Sky BEVERAGE, features include orders, receiving, requisition/issue/transfer, and physical inventory. Management reports allow executives to pinpoint beverage costs, product activity/inactivity, and order/vendor discrepancies in seconds! Other benefits include improvements in productivity, accuracy and a decrease in labor and costs.

About The Provo Marriott & Conference Center
A haven of historic museums, cultural opportunities, and unique shops surrounds this Marriott Provo Utah hotel. Some of the highlights around the hotel are 7-Peaks Water Park, BYU Genealogy Center, and Ski Resort Sundance.

About Clear Sky Software
Clear Sky Software is a software developer, systems integrator, and technology solution provider to the hospitality industry. The company provides bar code-based food and beverage inventory management systems that help hospitality organizations control inventory, reduce labor, lower costs and increase profits. Clear Sky systems replace manual inventory practices and eliminate repetitive steps therefore offering improvements in worker productivity and accuracy. Two systems – Clear Sky FOOD and Clear Sky BEVERAGE – can be purchased together or separately. These twin systems help reduce the tremendous paper work and labor associated with managing food and beverage inventory.

Please call Jay Williams at 704-568-5544 to discuss how Clear Sky Software can help your food and beverage department.

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