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06.10.2009 Clear Sky Software Provides Interface to Major Food Distributor

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – June 10, 2009 – Clear Sky Software, Inc.

Clear Sky Software, Inc. ® announced today the release of a new software interface between the company’s food inventory system, called Clear Sky Food ®, and the food service distributor U.S. Foodservice ®. This interface is available immediately.

Clear Sky Food has the capability to generate and transmit product orders to U.S. Foodservice and import U.S. Foodservice shipped order files. This new offering from Clear Sky Software automates the process of ordering and receiving U.S. Foodservice products resulting in significant time-savings and an increase in accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

Orders can be generated two ways.

  1. Using an Order Request function on a mobile bar code scanning terminal, users walk food storage areas, quickly and accurately scan products that need ordering, and upload this information to Clear Sky Food. Order requests are displayed on a Clear Sky Food product order screen allowing users to quickly modify orders if needed and add any missing products.
  2. The second option for creating food orders is more automated and utilizes the Clear Sky Food function “Create Orders by On Hand”. This feature automatically selects food products based on established pars and order points and automatically generates orders by vendor.

Users log into a U.S. Foodservice account and import Clear Sky Food orders. These orders are then processed by U.S. Foodservice and shipped order files are created.

Once a U.S. Foodservice order arrives at the customer’s site, users select the Clear Sky Food Receiving function and import U.S. Foodservice shipped order files. Product information from these shipped order files are displayed on a receiving screen allowing users to adjust product descriptions, cost, and other data if required. Any product substitutions made by U.S. Foodservice are highlighted on the receiving screen. Once any adjustments are made users simply click a Save button and all products on the receiving screen are received into Clear Sky Food. Product pricing is updated to current amounts and product substitutions are added to the Clear Sky Food product master file.

“This interface represents an important step in the evolution of Clear Sky Food as an effective food inventory management product. Our customers will benefit from considerable time-savings in critical inventory control areas such as order generation, product receiving, and product updates. This U.S. Foodservice interface was a must-have for many of our customers and we are delighted to provide this feature for them.”
Jay Williams, Director of Marketing and Sales, Clear Sky Software

Clear Sky Software, based in Charlotte, provides inventory software for the hospitality industry. Customers include hundreds of hotels in such brands as Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and Renaissance.

To request more information on the company’s products contact Jay Williams at 704-568-5544 or or visit

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