Automatically Receive Your Food Products and Update Your Costs in Seconds with Clear Sky Software’s Interface to Cheney Brothers

Sky Software, Inc. ®
today the release of a new software interface between the company’s food
inventory control system, called Clear Sky FOOD and Cheney Brothers ® Food
Service Distributor
.  This interface is available immediately.


With this new offering from Clear Sky Software,
hospitality organizations have a complete, back-office food inventory
management solution integrated with a major food distributor.  Clear Sky FOOD helps
users track food products from the point of purchase, through receiving and the
ultimate transfer to kitchens, restaurants, banquets or any POS outlet.  Clear
Sky FOOD also includes physical inventory functions to speed up the process of
counting bar coded and non-bar coded products.


Through the company’s Cheney Brothers interface,
users of Clear Sky FOOD have a food tracking system that streamlines the
process of receiving Cheney Brothers products.  Once a Cheney Brothers order
arrives at a customer site, users login to the Clear Sky FOOD product receiving
system.  Next simply click on Clear Sky’s custom import feature and select Cheney
Brothers electronic invoices.  All products on the invoice are received into
the Clear Sky inventory system, product pricing is updated to current amounts
and any product substitutions are added to the Clear Sky FOOD inventory
database.  With this new interface, tedious data entry is eliminated thus
saving time while increasing accuracy and efficiency.


“Our interface to Cheney Brothers gives our
customers and prospects another compelling reason to implement our food
inventory system as part of their food management tool-kit.  As our list of interfaces
to North America’s leading food product vendors continues to grow, Clear Sky
FOOD secures its place as one of the leading food inventory systems in the

Williams, Director of Sales & Marketing, Clear Sky Software


Clear Sky Software, Inc. ®

Sky Software is a software developer, systems integrator, and technology
solution provider to the hospitality industry. 
The company provides
bar code-based food and beverage inventory management systems that help
organizations control inventory, reduce labor, lower costs and increase
profits.  Clear Sky systems replace manual inventory practices and eliminate
repetitive steps therefore offering improvements in worker efficiency,
productivity and accuracy. 
Ultimately, users have access to better information thus
supporting smarter purchasing decisions that affect a company’s bottom line.
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Cheney Brothers ®

in 1925 Cheney Brothers mission statement is “Improve and innovate our products
and services”.  The company insists on top quality products from nationally
recognized manufacturers while understanding their customers rely on accurate
and prompt deliveries.  Their state-of-the-art
warehousing systems process every order with precision.  Cheney Brothers understands their success depends on
their customers’ success. That’s why their number one goal is to provide their customers
with unmatched service. That service dedication has made Cheney Brothers one of
the fastest growing, respected and progressive food service distributors in the


Jay Williams
Director of Sales & Marketing
Clear Sky Software
704.568.5544 direct