Our software gives you an advantage.

Our customer service helps you keep it.

The point of Clear Sky technology is to help you become more efficient, productive, and ultimately, successful. Our customer service and support programs are designed to keep the road clear until you get there.

From our initial training sessions to product updates and maintenance, Clear Sky maintains a level of service, accountability, and integrity that’s unrivaled in our industry. If you have a question or concern, you’ll have direct access to real, live staff members – no robo-voices here – while often getting personal attention from a managing partner.

From our very first clients (who are still using the system today) to our newest users, we understand that there’s more to building a relationship than just installing software and following up with a phone call. We’re here to actively support you in every way possible, with service, solutions, and an endless supply of peace of mind.

Project Management

There are three phases to a Clear Sky project: Pre-Training, Training, and Post-Training support. Throughout the entire process, two project managers, one on the client side and one from Clear Sky, will collaborate to discuss project specifics including sched- ules, tasks, and equipment delivery. As the client, you will also have access to Clear Sky’s online project management documents that outline the timelines and details of your project.


Software Installation
Installing Clear Sky software is as straightforward as installing any other type of down- loadable software. We will provide you with a link to your software files, and you can download and install them on all applicable desktops. This remote delivery system saves you the time and money associated with an on-site visit and allows you to com- plete installation on your schedule.

Data Import
Importing existing data into Clear Sky as efficiently as possible is an essential part of our process. Clear Sky can import your data from Excel or other file types exported from existing software programs. It can also import established order guides from product vendors. Data import is completed before any system training occurs, thus supporting a quicker “go-live date” for your business.


Depending on your specific needs, we offer both on-site and online training for new and existing users. In either scenario, our instructors cover all aspects of the Clear Sky software you’ve selected and guide your staff through its real-world applications. Our trainers also help set up your initial inventory database to ensure your system is being used properly from the beginning.

Customer Support

No matter how easy and intuitive our software is, we’ve been in business long enough to know that problems can arise. Clear Sky’s Help Desk covers all aspects of technical support, from managing software and related database files to implementing software updates, to overnighting loaner equipment. Our support team is available by phone during regular business hours while technical help docs and manuals are available on our website 24/7.

Mobile Computer RMA Service

All Systems Go. Always.

Over the years, we’ve seen relatively few equipment casualties. That said, maintaining healthy hardware and the latest and best equipment is standard procedure at Clear Sky. Many vendors offer repair services for their equipment, but this process typically requires additional paperwork and often takes weeks to complete. We understand the cost our clients incur when their hardware isn’t functioning correctly. Clear Sky Software’s Mobile Computer RMA Service (RMA) ensures that a loaner unit ships overnight while a customer’s unit is repaired. Like our Software Maintenance Program, RMA is available to Clear Sky clients on a renewable yearly basis and focuses on minimizing any potential downtime.

“The service that the Clear Sky team has provided throughout this project has greatly exceeded our expectations.”

Chelsea L.

Scottsdale Marriott Old Town, Scottsdale, AZ