Condado Vanderbilt Hotel Benefits from Clear Sky Software’s Food & Beverage Inventory Management System

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – June 27, 2023 – Clear Sky Software, Inc.

Clear Sky Software, Inc. ® announced today that The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, in San
Juan, Puerto Rico, has installed the company’s food and beverage inventory control system to help manage and track all food and beverage products. The Condado Vanderbilt selected Clear Sky Software and has been busy taking advantage of this industry-leading F&B inventory system. Called Clear Sky FOOD & BEVERAGE, this is a comprehensive, perpetual inventory system that tracks and controls all beer, liquor and wine products plus all food items delivered to this busy hotel. Functions include purchasing/ordering, receiving, electronic requisition, outlet transfers/issues/returns and physical inventory. All of these software tools allow management at the hotel to report F&B costs by location, product and product category. Other features allow staff to report product fast-movers, slow- movers, cost variances, and order/vendor discrepancies. An expanded event management module is also part of the core system installed. This bar code-based software, hardware, and services combination is helping The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel better manage their F&B inventory with greater efficiency and help keep costs low.

About Clear Sky Software
Clear Sky Software is a software developer, systems integrator, and technology solution provider to the hospitality industry. The company provides bar code-based food and beverage inventory management systems that help hospitality organizations control inventory, reduce labor, lower costs and increase profits. Clear Sky systems replace manual inventory practices and eliminate repetitive steps therefore offering improvements in worker productivity and accuracy. Two systems – Clear Sky FOOD and Clear Sky BEVERAGE – can be purchased together or separately. These twin systems help reduce the tremendous paper work and labor associated with managing food and beverage inventory. In addition, the company offers inventory solutions for Housekeeping, Retail Areas, and Tableware Inventory. Visit the company at

About Condado Vanderbilt Hotel
Condado Vanderbilt’s history can be traced back to its grand opening on October 16th, 1919. Frederick William Vanderbilt, scion of one of the wealthiest families in America – and
among the most influential men in the country – had previously acquired oceanfront land on the site and set out to build the finest destination in the Caribbean. Mr. Vanderbilt selected Warren & Wetmore – one of the foremost architectural firms of the time, having designed Grand Central Station and the Biltmore Hotel – to draw up blueprints for what he would go on to name “The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel.” Upon opening its doors, the Vanderbilt quickly became the destination of choice for generations of heads of state, captains of industry and Hollywood royalty – creating a rarified atmosphere of sophistication, elegance and grace.