Clear Sky Software’s Food & Beverage Inventory Control System Saving Time and Money at Raleigh’s Carolina Country Club

North Carolina – March 2, 2021 – Clear Sky Software, Inc.


Sky FOOD & BEVERAGE, an inventory management system by Clear Sky Software,
was recently
implemented at the Carolina Country Club in Raleigh, NC.  Clear Sky’s time-saving
and cost-reducing solution was selected to help managers better control food
and beverage inventory at this prestigious Club in North Carolina’s capital
city.  Several associates participated in training earlier this month and the
staff is already receiving benefits from the system.


Clear Sky FOOD & BEVERAGE, this is a comprehensive, perpetual
inventory system that tracks and controls all F&B products.  Functions
include purchasing/ordering, receiving, electronic requisition, outlet
transfers/issues/returns and physical inventory.  Additional features installed
at Carolina Country Club include an interface to Northstar the Fintech alcohol
payment system and interfaces to the food purveyors Cheney Brothers, FreshPoint
and US Foods.  All of these software tools allow management at this busy club to
report F&B costs by location, product, product category, and receive
automatic food & beverage cost updates.  Other features allow staff to
report product fast-movers, slow- movers, cost variances, and order/vendor
discrepancies.  An expanded event management module is also part of the core
system installed.  This bar code-based software, hardware, and services
combination is helping The Carolina Country Club better manage their
food & beverage inventory with greater efficiency while saving time and
reducing food and beverage costs.


Carolina Country Club

Country Club was established in 1910 and has remained at its original location
since inception.  The Club, as one of the nation’s best private clubs, has been
recognized as a five-star Platinum Club by a respected industry survey of peer
club managers and presidents and earned the designation of a distinguished
Emerald Club of the World by Boardroom Magazine.  The membership enjoys first
class facilities in all areas including golf, tennis, wellness, youth
activities, aquatics and food and beverage service, with each area led by an
experienced and talented group of managers and professionals.


Clear Sky Software

Sky Software is a software developer, systems integrator, and technology
solution provider to the hospitality industry. 
The company provides
bar code-based food and beverage inventory management systems that help
hospitality organizations control inventory, reduce labor, lower costs and
increase profits.  Clear Sky systems replace manual inventory practices and
eliminate repetitive steps therefore offering improvements in worker
productivity and accuracy. 
Two systems – Clear Sky FOOD and Clear Sky BEVERAGE – can
be purchased together or separately.  These twin systems
help reduce the
tremendous paper work and labor associated with managing food and beverage
the company at


Jay Williams
Director of Sales & Marketing
Clear Sky Software
704.568.5544 direct